Broken Branch – First Critique

img_1493This is the first of many critiques that I would like to do on my photography and art work.  For this week, I thought I would share with you a photo that I took about two weeks ago.  It is of a wooded area along a path behind my place.

The broken branch is quite clearly the primary focal point. I like now the sunlight is reflected off this branch, really highlighting it well.  And this is the first thing you see too! I also like now it leads the eyes from the lower left corner across the photo towards the upper right corner.  This diagonal leading line is quite good here.

This photo was originally in colour but I converted into black and white.  I think subtracting the colour focuses more attention on the form, and lines of the branches.  I also like the gradual transition from lightness to more darker tones moving from left to right.

A major criticism is the incongruent mood of the photo.  A broken branch, or anything broken, has a sorrowful, negative feeling.  This is not compatible with the overall brightness, more cheerful, feeling of the photo.  It just doesn’t create that mood that we would associate with something broken.  If the photo was darker, it may have worked.  However, the mismatched mood is a critical flaw of the photo.

Furthermore, the photo may have worked better if the shot was tighter or more close up.  This would’ve allowed the diagonal line of the branch to extend from the lower left corner all the way to the opposite upper right corner.  This way it would pull the eye across the entire image instead of stopping about three quarters of the way as it does in the present photo.

What do you think of the photo? Do you agree or disagree with my critique?  Please share your comments.  I would love to hear from you.  Thank you!



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