Wall of Trees – Critique

walloftreesThis week’s critique is on a photo entitled “Wall of Trees.”  It was captured this past Friday at a small park near my place.  Let’s look at what works and what doesn’t.

There is clearly a strong linear pattern to the photo.  All the trees impart vertical lines to the photo.  This creates a nice repeating pattern. Your eyes are drawn up and down those trees, taking you across the picture.

The snow in the foreground is particularly interesting.  Its implied shape is a triangle.  And its apex seems to be pointing beyond the trees, making you look at what’s behind them.

One criticism is that the focus appears to be off.  The trees on the left and at the bottom appear to be slightly out of focus.  When I took this picture, I used a larger aperture (f4 or f5), which caused a shallower depth of field.  I think if I had used a smaller aperture (f16 or more), I probably wouldn’t have had that problem.

Something that could also be improved is the snow.  It just doesn’t look smooth and clean.  I should have waited for a fresh layer of snow to capture this picture.  That way the snow would be more even.

Please let me know what you think.  Thank you!


Year of the Rooster – Critique

img_0577To mark the Lunar New Year, I painted the zodiac animal for 2017, the rooster.   The painting is called “Year of the Rooster” and was completed this past Thursday.  As it can be seen, watercolour is the medium.  There are several things that I like about it, and there are also many things I don’t like.

The first thing that I really love about this painting is its colours.  The rooster is painted with bold and bright colours that really enliven the painting.  It sets a very cheerful mood. The yellow is quite striking and same with the oranges and reds.  The vibrant colours almost make the rooster look like a mythological creature.

Technically, I think the head of the rooster is really well done.  The contours of its comb are nicely done.  The eye and beak are also pretty good.

There are, however, several mistakes that I can see of.  The first one is that the rooster is really too wide.  That is partly due to my drawing of the rooster and not paying enough attention to proportions.

The other criticism is that the blending of the colours is not very well done.  It’s clear that the transition between colours aren’t smooth and appears choppy.  Furthermore, some of the brushstrokes are not smooth either.  For instance, in the curved feather in the tail you can see it’s very jagged.

Overall, it was a good effort.  Please let me know what you think.  Thank you!