Just Right – Critique


I was sick for over two weeks so I wasn’t able to blog.  But I’m better now, so we can continue to discuss photography.

This week’s critique is on “Just Right.”  It is a photo of an evergreen tree and a broken tree trunk.  It was taken about a month ago in a wooded area in my neighbourhood.  Let’s see what are the positives and negatives of this photo.

The most obvious thing in this photo is the perfect framing.  As it can be seen, the evergreen tree is nicely framed by the broken tree trunk.  The framing is impeccable, matching the shape of the evergreen so accurately.  I had to move around a bit to get it “just right.”  The triangular framing adds a uniqueness to the photo and interest.

Geometrically, I like the shape of the elements in the picture.  The broken tree trunk and the evergreen in the centre depicts a triangular shape.  This shape predominates the entire photo.

One negative is the clutter the other branches create in the photo.  They distract from the centre element, and make it harder to see.  If they were removed or reduced, the triangular framing would stand out more.

The other thing is the evergreen tree is slightly out of focus.  It would have been better if it was shaper.  This was likely an aperture issue, that is, not getting deep enough depth of field.  It is something that I will have to work on.

Please let me know what you think.  Thanks!




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