Fork in the Road – Critique


This week’s critique is on “Fork in the Road.”  It is a photo of a large dead tree branch covered in snow.  It was taken this past Thursday in a wooded area near my neighbourhood.  There are some good points and some flaws in the photo.

I love the leading lines in the photo.  If you follow the dead wood, it leads you from the left to the right, splitting near the middle into two directions.  Much like a “fork in the road.”  In a way, it creates movement in the photo, a dynamic edge.

Another good point is the textures in the photo.  I love the smooth, hard surface of the wood.  On top of that is the smooth, and grainy texture of the snow.  There’s also a nice contrast of colours between the two.  They work really wonderfully together.

One of the most distracting things in the photo is the other darker trees and branches in the background.  I wish they were more blurred out as to be less obvious.  My aperture was probably 4 or 5 here, which is the lowest on the lens that I was using.  If I had another lens with a larger aperture, I could have gotten a better background.

A minor flaw of the photo is that it wasn’t positioned well.  You can see at the bottom, the lower branch is slightly cut off.  I wish I had taken the photo higher up so more of the bottom branch could be seen.

Please let me know what you think.  Thanks!


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