Brook in the Spring – Critique


Our photo for this week’s critique is “Brook in the Spring.”  As the title suggests, the photo  depicts a brook in a wooded area in early spring.  I captured this image last Wednesday in Grenville Park, several blocks from my place.  Let’s look at the strengths and weaknesses of this photo.

The focal point of this image is undeniably the water and tiny “waterfall.”  You can see the crystal clear water flowing down a short distance of the waterfall, ending at the bright white base.  What’s more, the water of the brook guides you from the bottom left up to the middle and then towards the left again all the way to the back.  It’s a great leading line.

The brook divides the photo into two balanced halves.  On the left side, we see a bright yellowish patch of dead grass that is balanced by the smaller area of similar dead grass and the red branches on the right side.  The red is very strong and attention-grabbing.  It works well to balance out the left side.

One weakness of the photo is that it has a very dirty and messy appearance.  We can see a lot of exposed dirt, dead grass, brown bare branches and dead leaves throughout the photo.  I think if I had waited until late spring or summer, the scene would have look more verdant and attractive.

Technically, the depth of field could have been improved here.  Since the brook is the focal point, it should have been in sharp focus from front to back.  Here, you can see the focus is off at the back.  I used an f10 aperture, but a smaller one would have worked better.

Please let me know what you think.  Thanks!


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