Cool – Critique


“Cool” is our photo for this week’s critique.  The photo captures Siberian Squill in the early Spring.  They were found in our front garden.  The image was taken this past Friday.  Let’s look at its strong and weak points.

The colours are one of the most striking aspect of the photo.  You can see different shades of brilliant blues.  The blues are nicely juxtapose against a sea of vivid greens.  I really love this dual colour scheme.

I also like the rhythm the open flower heads make.  If you follow the path of the open flower heads (including the blurred ones) from left to right, they form a half circle.  This dynamic flow of flower heads help lead you through the photo.

The top of the photo takes away from the dual colour scheme.  This photo was already cropped to remove the top part, which had more white colour (wall of the house).  The white coloured areas really mess with the blue and green colour scheme.

This photo lacks attentional balance.  What I mean here is you tend to focus your attention on the sharp flower on the left.   You naturally stay in that area where other things are also in focus.  You spend less time on the right side of the photo, making it somewhat imbalanced.

Please let me know what you think.  Thanks!


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