Ethereal – Critique


Our photo for this week’s critique is “Ethereal.”  It is a picture of a crocus flower surrounded by dead leaves.  This flower was growing in our backyard.  Its photo was taken last Monday.  Let’s discuss its strengths and weaknesses.

I love the strong contrast in this photo.  You can clearly see the stark white crocus against the darker brown leaves.  It’s definitely eye-catching.

There is an airy, light, and delicate appearance to this photo.  The shallow depth of field creates a very thin plane of focus, leaving the rest blurry.  You can see the blurriness in the petals that almost resembles clouds.  It gives the photo an ethereal feel.

One potential weakness is the background.  Although the dead leaves provide a nice contrast for the flower, it isn’t the most attractive background.  It sort of looks muddy and dirty.

Lastly, would the photo look better if the bottom stem of the crocus was shown? You can see the leaves at the bottom of the photo.  They almost appear out of nowhere since their connection to the stem isn’t shown.  A complete profile of the flower may have worked better here.

Please let me know what you think.  Thanks!


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