Crystal – Critique


For this week’s critique, we will look at “Crystal.”  It is a photo of a branch of a budding bush.  This image was captured just a little more than a week ago.  The bush was in a wooded area close to my place.  Let’s go over the photo’s strong and weak points.

I really love the colour of the budding leaves.  As you can see, it’s bright fluorescent green.   The colour really pops out against the darker grey background.  I also like the water droplet.  If you look closely at the droplet, you can see branches in the background.

There is a strong linear element to the photo.  The branch acts like a line going through the photo.  It leads you from the bottom all the way up to the top of the photo.

A weak point of the photo is the severe shallow depth of field.  The branch, acting as the linear element and secondary focal point, should have been in sharp focus along its entire length.  Here, just a fraction of it is sharp.

The background of the photo isn’t very attractive.  I was hoping for some nice bokeh.  But what we have is a rough looking blurred effect, especially on the right side.

Please let me know what you think.  Thanks!


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