Opening up – Critique


We will discuss “Opening Up” for this week’s critique.  It is a photo of a white tulip found in my backyard.  The photo was taken about two weeks ago.  Let’s go over what works and what can be improved.

I love that the tulip is the centre of attention.  The white and yellow flower jumps out at you from the darker background.

The depth of field here is quite flattering.  You can see that the important part of the flower, its centre, is in sharp focus.  Everything else is blurred.   The blurred effects create a very soft touch.

What could be improved is the background.  It’s clear that the background is very muddy, and jumbled with different colours.  If it was a monochromatic green or blue, it would have been better.

The composition could also be improved here.  There is quite a lot of negative space on the left.  But the flower leans to the right.  What would have worked better is to have more negative space on the right side so that the flower has room to “move in” or “look” in that direction.

Please let me know what you think.  Thanks!


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