Justice – Critique


For this week’s critique, we will look at “Justice.”  It’s a photo of the Frontenac County Court House near Queen’s University campus in Kingston, Ontario.   The photo was captured a little more than two weeks ago.  Let’s discuss what works well and what needs improvement.

What works well is the relationship between the fountain and the court house.   The much smaller fountain in the foreground acts like a stepping stone, or an antechamber, to the much larger court house.  You would “leap” from the fountain before landing on the court house.

I also like the minimal colours in this photo.  There are basically four dominant colours, brown, turquoise, grey and white.   The white in the sky really isolates and brings attention to the architecture of the building.  The minimal colours also simplify the photo, and help to focus attention on the geometric shapes and textures.

What could be improved is perhaps the composition.  You can see that the fountain and the building’s name are cut off.   Would it have looked better with those intact?

This photo was taken on an overcast day.  I wonder whether it would have looked more cheerful if the sun was out?  Do you think the colours are a bit drab here?

Please let me know what you think! Thanks!


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