House of Knowledge – Critique


Our photo for this week’s critique is “House of Knowledge.” It depicts a walkway outside of Stauffer Library on Queen’s University campus.  It was taken about three weeks ago.  Let’s look at the positives and the negatives of this photo.

The repetition in this photo is one of the positives.  You can see that there are repeating elements in this photo,  the columns on the left, the benches, the trees, and the plants beside the trees.  The repeated elements create a regular rhythm moving from the edges of the photo to the centre.

One more positive is the sense of linear perspective in this photo.  The columns and the trees gradually become smaller and diminish towards the vanishing point near the middle of the photo.

One negative is that both the repetition and linear perspective is very short.  If the pattern was continued for a longer distance, the photo would have been more spectacular.

Another low point is the distracting eye sore in the photo.  That eye sore is the ugly trash container in the centre right.  I should have paid more attention to it when I was taking the photo.

Please let me know what you think! Thanks!


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