Fiery – Critique


This week’s critique is on “Fiery.” It’s a photo of tulips found in front of Dunning Hall on Queen’s University Campus.  It was taken about a month ago.  Let’s go over what works well and what could be improved.

The colours in this photo are what instantly grabs your attention.  Reds, oranges, and yellows abundant in this photo suggest hot fire.  The cool greens nicely complements these warm hues.

We have some pretty good bokeh in this photo.  There are subtle circular bokeh just to the right of the tulip in focus.

The condition of the main tulip could be better.  As you can see, it’s starting to wilt and die off.

The background is somewhat disorganized.  There is no pattern to the tulips in the background.  It just looks cluttered and all over the place.  I think if I had angled the camera lower, I might have gotten a photo where all the tulips heads were aligned.

Please let me know what you think! Thanks!


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