Handsome – Critique


For this week’s critique, we’ll look at “Handsome.”  It’s a photo of the facade of Chernoff Hall on Queen’s Campus.  It was taken over a month ago.  Let’s go over it’s strengths and weaknesses.

One of the strengths of this photo is the viewpoint.  Here, the camera was angled so that the structure and frames are not vertical but are instead on a diagonal.  It creates a very different and interesting composition.

There is also an element of repetition.  We can see that the frames in the windows and the limestone structures are repeated.  It gives a very pleasing design.

As for weaknesses, this photo has a somewhat distracting object in it.  The branches on the right side to me doesn’t add to the photo.

As you can see, the photo was taken on an overcast sky.  I wonder if it would have worked better on a bright sunnier day.  That way more shadows would have been casted to reveal the structure better.  Also, the textures would have been more pronounced.

Please let me know what you think!  Thanks!


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