Pretty in Pink – Critique


This week’s critique is on “Pretty in Pink.”  It’s a photo of pink and white blossoms.  It was taken in mid-May of this year near my house.  Let’s discuss its strengths and weaknesses.

I think one of its strengths is its image quality.  The photo is sharp, and you can see fine details in the flowers.

If you have been following my critiques, you would know that I often don’t like my backgrounds especially for my flower shots.  Surprisingly, I actually like the background of this photo.  I like mottled appearance of it and the three simple colours: white, pink and green.

The exposure is potentially a weakness here.  Some parts of the photo, particularly the white petals near the top, look like they are slightly overexposed.

The composition could have also been improved.  This is a very lopsided photo.  Most people would pay attention to the right side.  I think moving the flowers a tad to the left would help this.

Please let me know what you think!  Thanks!



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