Looker – Critique


Our photo for this week’s critique is “Looker.”  It shows Summerhill, a stately house on Queen’s campus.  The photo was taken in mid-May.  Let’s go over what works and what could be improved.

The photo clearly shows off the neoclassical architecture of the building.  We can clearly see the beautiful white columns, the elegant curvature, and precise stone work.

I also like the greenery on the right side.  The foliage from the tree branches adds a nice touch of nature to the otherwise man-made structure.

The Biology building in the background spoils the beauty of photo.  I just don’t like the drab brown facade of the it behind Summerhill and the trees.

This photo looks very gloomy.  The overcast sky is likely responsible for this.  Bright sunshine would have improved the overall mood of the photo.

Please let me know what you think!  Thanks!


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