Blazing – Critique

Purple Blazing Star

This week’s critique is on “Blazing.”  It’s a photo of purple Blazing Star flowers growing in a garden close to my place.  This photo was taken in July.  Let’s go over what works and what could be improved.

What I immediately love about this photo is the crisp fibrous flowers.  You can see the texture and the vivid colours of what I presume are the petals.

There is good balance in this photo.   When you look at this photo, your eyes first go to the flower on the left side.  Then you notice the two out-of-focus flowers on the right side.     This creates equal weight on both sides of the photo.

The background is a problem.  You can make out the rather unappealing brown building in the background.  I would have rather the background be all green or be blue on top.

There are more flaws in the background than the building.  On the right side, there is a white spot which could be an unfocused sign.  It is overexposed.  Furthermore,  there are two blurry flowers behind the main one that to me is distracting and could be removed.

Please let me know what you think!  Thanks!

Ornaments – Critique


“Ornaments” is our photo for this week’s critique.  I believe the photo shows Canadian Buffaloberries, but I’m not completely certain.  They were found in a wooded area near our place.  This photo was taken in July.  Let’s pick out what’s good and what’s not so great.

What you may not realize at first glance is the repetition of the number three.   What is obvious is the three bright orange berries.  Less obvious are the three leaves facing the viewer adjacent to the berries.  In this one area, the number three is repeated.

Another subtle element in the photo is the bokeh in the background.  There are a few circular bokeh on the left side that makes the background look interesting.

To me the right side of the photo is a bit of a clutter.  There are branches and leaves that are superfluous.

The berries look they may be slightly overexposed.  You can see there is too much highlight on the berries.  I wonder if I should have spot metered the exposure on the berries to get a better exposure.

Please let me know what you think!  Thanks!

The Meaning of Love – Critique


This week’s critique is on “The Meaning of Love.”  It’s a photo of a red rose that was in our front yard garden.  It was captured in June.   Let’s go over its good and not so great qualities.

The colour in this photo is magnificent.  The red rose is brought out by the complementary green background.   They strongly contrast each other.

There is also contrast in the sharpness of the rose and its background.  You can see that the background is very soft and fluffy.  This highly contrasts with the sharpness of the rose.

The composition could have been better.  What I’m most disappointed in is the bud that is behind the rose.  You can just barely see it.  I wish that it was completely hidden, or jut out more so it can be seen and appreciated.

Is the perspective dull and boring?  You can see that I took this photo facing directly at the rose.  If I had changed the perspective, looking sideways, down, or up at the rose, would that have added more interest?

Please let me know what you think!  Thanks!

Framed – Critique


“Framed” is our photo for this week’s critique.  It’s a picture of the medical building on Queen’s campus.  It was taken in May.  Let’s go over its strengths and weaknesses.

This photo is all about lines.  You can see there are lines going horizontally and vertically.  What I especially like is the criss-crossing of the lines to form “X’s” on the left side.  There are three of these “X’s” going diagonally across the photo.

I also like the muted monochromatic-like colour in this photo.  The soft faint blue colour of the glass creates a melancholy mood.

To me, the structure inside the building on the right side ruins the photo.  It disrupts the lines, and monochromatic colour scheme.

This photo looks a bit underexposed.  Does this add a moodiness to the photo?  Or would the photo look better with more light?

Please let me know what you think!  Thanks!