Blazing – Critique

Purple Blazing Star

This week’s critique is on “Blazing.”  It’s a photo of purple Blazing Star flowers growing in a garden close to my place.  This photo was taken in July.  Let’s go over what works and what could be improved.

What I immediately love about this photo is the crisp fibrous flowers.  You can see the texture and the vivid colours of what I presume are the petals.

There is good balance in this photo.   When you look at this photo, your eyes first go to the flower on the left side.  Then you notice the two out-of-focus flowers on the right side.     This creates equal weight on both sides of the photo.

The background is a problem.  You can make out the rather unappealing brown building in the background.  I would have rather the background be all green or be blue on top.

There are more flaws in the background than the building.  On the right side, there is a white spot which could be an unfocused sign.  It is overexposed.  Furthermore,  there are two blurry flowers behind the main one that to me is distracting and could be removed.

Please let me know what you think!  Thanks!

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