Airbrush – Photo Critique


For this week’s photo critique, we will look at “Airbrush.”  It’s a photo of a trunk of a small maple leaf tree in the fall.  It was taken in November in a park near my place.  Let’s discuss some of its positive and negative aspects.

I like the perspective of this photo.  Here, I placed the camera very close to the trunk to get this unique viewpoint.  It resulted in the left side being blurred out, almost as if someone had airbrushed that portion of the photo.

There are interesting lines in this photo.  The small trunk eventually splits into three large branches going across the right side.  The little branch with the leaves, the focal point of the photo, repeats this pattern of three lines with its three leaf stalks.

This photo looks like it is slightly underexposed.  It appears a bit dark even after I adjusted the exposure in post production.

There are a few things that muddy the theme of three lines.   The out-of-focus large branch sticking out of the leaf near the centre right of the photo wrecks this theme.  Also, the leaf stalk radiating from bottom of the small branch adds a fourth line.

Please let me know what you think!  Thanks!

Change and Constant – Photo Critique

Version 3

This week’s photo critique is on “Change and Constant.” It depicts a maple tree next to utility poles.  The photo was taken in late October near my neighbourhood.  Let’s go over its strengths and weaknesses.

When I look at this photo I see geometric shapes and lines.  The tree on the left forms a nice circle.  Beside the tree are utility poles with cables.  These form vertical lines in the photo.  They also act as leading lines guiding you to the bottom of the photo.

There is a good sense of balance here.  The tree on the left with its changing colours is the main focal point.  The utility poles and power lines then pull you towards the right.  They balance each other out.

This photo looks like it is slightly overexposed.  You can see that the sky is mostly blown out white.

When I initially took this photo, I didn’t want the road to be seen.  The road to me was not very exciting.  This meant I had to angle my shot up high, cutting off the bottom of the trees and poles.  Looking at it now I’m not sure if this strategy worked.  Does it look sort of weird being cut off at the bottom?

Please let me know what you think!  Thanks!

Spotted – Photo Critique


“Spotted” is our photo for this week’s critique.  The photo shows sumac leaves that have changed colour.  It was taken in late October in a wooded area near my place.  Let’s talk about what the photo shines in and where it needs improvement.

What strikes me first are the colours.  You can see bright oranges and yellows.  It stands out from the darker background.

There is some fantastic bokeh happening in this photo.  On the left side, you can see there are lots of lovely circular bokeh.  It nicely fills the otherwise dead space on the left.

The condition of the leaves is not so great.  They look quite blemished.  There are lots of black spots and patches on the leaves, making them look rather sick.

Is the focus off?  Although the terminal leaf is in focus (which is what I wanted), the other foreground leaves are blurred.  It makes the photo look sort of awkward.

Please let me know what you think!  Thanks!

Not Cold Enough – Photo Critique


For this week’s photo critique, we will look at “Not Cold Enough.”  The photo depicts a wooded area near my place.  It was taken in late October.  Let’s discuss what works well and what could be improved.

This photo has a lot of linearity to it.  All the trees, from skinny ones to thick ones, create lines that go from top to bottom.  It produces a nice regular pattern.

I also like the colour palette in this photo.  I love the bright green leaves that seem to transition to yellow.  The darker browns in the tree trunks appear to oppose the bright colours.

Does the depth of field work in this picture?  You can see that this photo has a shallow depth of field.  Hence, only the foreground tree trunks on the left and some of the leaves are in sharp focus.  Would this photo look better with deeper depth of field?

Parts of the photo appear to be overexposed.  This photo was taken on a sunny day and some of that sunlight is shining brightly on the leaves in the top centre.  It looks like that area is a bit overblown.

Please let me know what you think!  Thanks!