Lucky Red

Cardinal2018Standing out from the background in its brilliant red coat is a cardinal.  This photo was taken on April 30, 2018 in a wooded area near my house.  Cardinals are one of my favourite birds.  I love their beautiful and intense red plumage.  I get so excited every time I see a cardinal.  Hopefully, I will see more of these gorgeous birds in the near future.

New Growth


This photo shows new growth from a branch of a tree.  It was taken on May 13, 2018 near my house.  I love the simplicity of this photo: all you see is sky, branch and leaflets.  You can also make out the strong sunlight hitting some of the leaves.   I think it captures the renewal and regrowth of the spring season well.

Electric Eyes


With its intense black coat and piercing yellow eyes, this Common Grackle quietly rests on a tree branch.  This photo was taken on April 2, 2018 near my place.   These are such beautiful birds with irdescent blue and yellow feathers.     I have only seen them a few times in early spring.  I hope to get a close-up shot of one in the near future.

First Spring


This photo depicts a crocus in early spring.  It was taken on April 30, 2018 in our backyard.  This year was a meager year for crocuses at our place.  We only saw two plants and one white one died early on.  This one remained and blossomed.   They add a beautiful touch of colour to the surroundings.