A Robin sits on a branch, thinking.  This photo was taken on January 11, 2019 near my place.  The Robin adds some bright orange colour to the drab winter scene.




Found a tree trunk split in half.  This photo was taken on January 11, 2019 near my place.  You can really see the rough texture in this black and white photo!

Stars and Letters


Captured this chickadee up close on December 18, 2018 near my place.  I was lucky here to get a shot of it so close.  You can make out its black eye, which is sometimes difficult to discern.  They are such cute birds!

Goals For 2019


A new year has arrived.  That means it’s time to set my annual goals.  These goals are important as they help keep me on track and motivated.  Let’s look at these goals now.

My first goal is to continue editing/revising my novel.   I will not say whether I will finish it or not as I don’t really know how far I will get this year.  Just that I will continue to work on it.

I enrolled in an online Web Design course this winter at McMaster University.  My goal is to complete this course and perhaps take another one later in the fall.  I’m working towards a certificate, which requires completing five courses.  So this may take a few years.

Finally, I would like to set goals for content creation.  I’m hoping to write 5 to 10 articles for HubPages this year.   And 15 to 30 photos for Shutterstock.  The numbers are lower for 2019 as I will be busy with my online courses.

This year’s goals are similar to last year’s goal, but a little pared down.  I think these goals are doable.  Looking forward to getting these done in the new year!  Happy 2019!