A Cardinal resting on a wire.  This photo was taken on January 23, 2020 in Springer Park.



A Chickadee on a small branch.  This photo was taken on January 9, 2020 near Springer Park.

Goals for 2020


It’s 2020!  The new year calls for new goals.  Let’s take a look at them now.

This year I hope to continue to work on my novel.  I will keep on editing and perfecting my manuscript.  Looking forward to another year of polishing it.

As for learning, I hope to complete two more Web Design courses.  This will bring the total completed courses to 4.  Then I just have to do one more in 2021.

I’m also hoping to create more content in 2020.  I would like to write at least 5 online articles for the year.  And I’m hoping to upload 20 photos.  I think these are totally doable.

This year’s goals are similar to last year’s.   I think they will keep me busy and out of trouble.  Can’t wait to accomplish these!  Happy 2020!