Found a tree trunk split in half.  This photo was taken on January 11, 2019 near my place.  You can really see the rough texture in this black and white photo!


Stars and Letters


Captured this chickadee up close on December 18, 2018 near my place.  I was lucky here to get a shot of it so close.  You can make out its black eye, which is sometimes difficult to discern.  They are such cute birds!

Goals For 2019


A new year has arrived.  That means it’s time to set my annual goals.  These goals are important as they help keep me on track and motivated.  Let’s look at these goals now.

My first goal is to continue editing/revising my novel.   I will not say whether I will finish it or not as I don’t really know how far I will get this year.  Just that I will continue to work on it.

I enrolled in an online Web Design course this winter at McMaster University.  My goal is to complete this course and perhaps take another one later in the fall.  I’m working towards a certificate, which requires completing five courses.  So this may take a few years.

Finally, I would like to set goals for content creation.  I’m hoping to write 5 to 10 articles for HubPages this year.   And 15 to 30 photos for Shutterstock.  The numbers are lower for 2019 as I will be busy with my online courses.

This year’s goals are similar to last year’s goal, but a little pared down.  I think these goals are doable.  Looking forward to getting these done in the new year!  Happy 2019!


Looking Back at 2018

IMG_5491Another year is coming to an end.  At the beginning of 2018 I set my goals for the year. Let’s take a look back to see what I was able to do.

I was hoping to finish editing my novel at the end of this year.   Sadly, I didn’t achieve this goal. I’m still in the process of editing and revising and need more time.  Finishing the novel may take one or two more years.

All the learning I was hoping to do this year didn’t happen.  I started to volunteer with a mental health agency in early 2018 so didn’t have time for it.  I didn’t complete the web design module on Lynda.com, the HTML/CSS course on edX, or the Javascript text by Duckett that I wanted to this year.  Perhaps I was being too ambitious with this goal.

My last goal for 2018 was to create content for HubPages and Shutterstock.  For the most part, I was able to achieve this goal.  I published 21 articles on HubPages, just four shy of my goal of 25.  I posted 48 photos on Shutterstock; my goal was 25 to 50 photos.  I didn’t earn very much from Shutterstock, but I did earn a small income from writing on HubPages.  So I’m happy that I was able to achieve this content-creating goal.

Taken together, 2018 was a better year for me. I didn’t have as many gagging/vomiting anxiety attacks.  I also managed to lose some weight.  This help with my cholesterol numbers.  I also met a new friend volunteering at the mental health agency.  So although some of my goals were not achieved, I did produce a lot of content and my health and social life improved.  Overall, 2018 was a good year!  Here’s to 2019!


Nose So Bright


Saw Rudolph with his nose so bright in Kingston last night.  Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Chow Time


Caught this immature American Goldfinch as it was eating.  This photo was taken on November 29, 2018 near my place.  I like how cute this little bird looks!

Sticking Out


This bright red compound leaf stands out from the background.  It was captured on October 12, 2018 near my place.  I love the complementary colours in this photo.



This trio of House Sparrows is captivated by something on the right.  They were photographed on November 29, 2018 near my place.  I love the monochromatic brown hue of this photo!

Sun in Leaf


Yellow Maple leaves enjoying being lit by the sun on a Fall afternoon.  This photo was taken on November 4, 2018 near my place.  I love how the leaves look like bright yellow lights.

Wrapped in Red


A House Finch peacefully looks on as I snap its picture.  This photo was taken on November 4, 2018 near my place.  These birds bring a touch of colour to the often grey surroundings of late fall.