A Nuthatch defying gravity.  This photo was taken on January 24, 2020 near Springer Park.



A stream in the winter.  This photo was taken on January 30, 2020 near Springer Park.



A Downy Woodpecker on a tree branch.  This photo was taken on January 30, 2020 near Springer Park.



Frost clinging onto the branches of a small tree.  This photo was taken on January 30, 2020 in Springer Park.



A Cardinal resting on a wire.  This photo was taken on January 23, 2020 in Springer Park.



A Chickadee on a small branch.  This photo was taken on January 9, 2020 near Springer Park.

Goals for 2020


It’s 2020!  The new year calls for new goals.  Let’s take a look at them now.

This year I hope to continue to work on my novel.  I will keep on editing and perfecting my manuscript.  Looking forward to another year of polishing it.

As for learning, I hope to complete two more Web Design courses.  This will bring the total completed courses to 4.  Then I just have to do one more in 2021.

I’m also hoping to create more content in 2020.  I would like to write at least 5 online articles for the year.  And I’m hoping to upload 20 photos.  I think these are totally doable.

This year’s goals are similar to last year’s.   I think they will keep me busy and out of trouble.  Can’t wait to accomplish these!  Happy 2020!

Looking Back at 2019

golden-leaves-192019 has been a mixed year for me.  There were some positive as well as negative things.   Let’s look at the positive first.

One of my goals for 2019 was to continue to work on my novel.  And that’s exactly what I did.  I was able to continue to edit and fix up my manuscript.  I think it’s a lot better than previous versions.

I also set a goal for content creation, particularly photography and online writing.  This year I began to use semi-automatic settings and autofocus on my camera.  This has greatly increase my photographing speed, which is essential for bird photography.  This year I successfully uploaded 33 photos, surpassing my goal of 30.  I wrote 7 online articles, meeting my goal of 5 to 10.  I’m quite happy with my creative productivity this year.

I also completed 2 online Web Design courses in 2019.  I have 3 more to go.  I’m slowly getting there.

The negative side of 2019 was my health.  I got a cold for the first time in two years.  I had pain in my eyes in the Spring, which the doctor thought was allergies.  Then in the summer I got tendonitis in my left shoulder.  This has become chronic.  I still have pain when doing activities such as lifting groceries, or any pushing or pulling with my left arm and I definitely cannot work out with heavy weights.  I hope my shoulder pain will clear up in 2020.

Overall, 2019 was a year of ups and downs.  My downs were not so bad.  I’m still thankful for having not-so-bad health.  As for the ups, I was productive this year in photography, writing and learning.  Let’s hope 2020 will be a better year!

Happy 2020!