I was so lucky to have captured this Monarch butterfly on August 5, 2018 near my place.  Its colours are so bright and beautiful.  Such a treat to have photographed this magnificent butterfly!




Pictured here is slender false dragonhead.  Or at least that’s what my garden app tells me.  This photo was taken on August 6, 2018 in the garden of the Greek Orthodox Church.   I love the sharpness in this photo and the beautiful pink colour.  A very pretty flower!



What you’re looking at is a Common Yellowthroat.  This photo was taken on July 29, 2018 near my place.  I love its bright yellow colouring.  I think this is one of the cutest birds!

Electric Pink


I think this photo depicts Astilbe.  It was taken on July 12, 2018 near my place.  I love the bright hot pink colour of these plants.  They surely pop!



I believe what you’re looking at is a Silver-spotted Skipper.  This photo was taken on July 1, 2018 near my place.  I saw this butterfly in the previous week so it was my second time seeing it.  It is, however, my first butterfly that I have ever photographed.  It’s not the most colourful butterfly, but I think butterflies in general are really beautiful insects.

Snow White


Growing amongst the untamed grass is what I believe is Canada Anemone.  This photo was taken June 17, 2018 near my house.  I love the beautiful white colour of these flowers.  It really grabs your attention!



I believe this is an Eastern Cottontail rabbit resting on the green grass.  This photo was captured today near my house.   I think the rabbit looks so cute with its big black eyes and furry coat.



Captured here is a trio of pinkish red crabapple blossoms.  This photo was taken on May 21, 2018 on Queen’s University Campus.  I love the bright, cheerful pink and red colours in this photo.  It definitely elevates my mood.

Like The Bark


A grey bird rests on a dark branch, nicely blending in with its environment.  This photo was taken on May 30, 2018 near my house.  My bird app says it is a Grey Catbird, but I’m not completely convinced.  In any case, I do love the shade of grey of its coat.

Near Match


A deep dark purple tree stands in front of a window.  This photo was taken on May 21, 2018 near downtown Kingston.  This tree looks like a maple but I’m not 100% sure.  I love the dark colour of the leaves and how it stands out from the beige background.  I like how that same purple colour is seen in the window frame.  Almost seems like the colour is flowing from the tree to the window.