Cattails along a pond. This photo was taken on November 29, 2020 in Cataraqui North. The stems and leaves can be used to make paper and cloth.

Goals for 2021

A new year is finally here. It’s time to set new goals for the coming year.

One of my first goals is to submit my novel for potential publication. I’ve worked on it for many years and I’m so glad it’s done and ready for scrutiny. Hopefully, the publishers will like it.

Second, I would like to finish my Web Design program this year. I have already enrolled in the fourth course. After that it’s just one more course then I’m done.

As for content creation, I will be modest this year. I don’t have a set goal for writing, but I do hope to upload 20 photos. My lowered goals for creation is related to my next goal.

I hope to gain employment as a web designer in 2021. If I don’t find a job, I will freelance or start my own web design business.

I think these goals are totally doable. I look forward to achieving these goals this year. I have a feeling it’s going to be a good year!

Happy New Year!

Looking back at 2020

2020 was definitely a challenging year for a lot of us. For me, it was a mixed one: there were some positives and negatives. But thankfully most of it was positive.

Let’s look at the negative first. This year I applied for 5 jobs, two in web design. Made it to the interview stage for the 3 of them, but didn’t get the job. Although I didn’t get the job, it was definitely a good learning experience.

Now the positives. This year I finally finished working on my novel. Yes, you read that right–finished, after so many years! I got one of my friends to read it and she seems to like it. I will polish it up a bit more following her suggestions and submit it in early January. Wish me luck!

As for learning, I just did one Web Design course in 2020. Still have 2 more to go. So, I will try to get them done in 2021.

I achieved my goal for content creation for this year. I wrote 5 online articles, meeting my goal of 5 for 2020. Photography-wise, 43 of my photos were accepted, surpassing my goal of 20 photos.

2020 was also a good year for my health. My shoulder tendonitis finally healed. I was able to work out with heavier weights again. I managed to lose some weight and had my cholesterol down the lowest it’s ever been. Still slightly high, but near normal.

2020 was a year filled with rejections, but I had some success with my writing and other creative pursuits as well as online learning. More importantly, I became healthier in 2020. So it wasn’t a bad year after all.

Christmas Cheer

Merry Christmas! This photo was taken on December 19, 2020 at the Kingston Frontenac Public Library. The modern Christmas tree originated in western Germany.

Queen Anne’s

Wild Carrot (Queen Anne’s Lace) at the end of season. This photo was taken on November 8, 2020 in Cataraqui North. The leaves and stems smell like carrots when crushed.


Morning dew on grass. This photo was taken November 8, 2020 in Cataraqui North. Globally, there are over 6000 different species of grass. Examples include wheat, corn, oats, rice and sugarcane.

Softer Singer

A Scarlet Tanager close-up. This photo was taken on September 20, 2020 in Springer Park. Females sing a song similar to the males’, but it’s a bit softer, shorter and not as harsh.